by Elissa Connely

With the majority of Australians living near the coastline, we don’t need much motivation to hit the water. To remind you of all the benefits a boating lifestyle can bring to you and your family, here’s a list of the top ten reasons that you should make the leap and get into boating this Summer. Get out there!


  1. Get back to nature

It allows you to reconnect with the simple joys of life and nature. Jump off the boat into pristine waters, anchor up to secluded coves, fill your lungs with fresh air and watch the clouds go by.

Boatin, Stacer 519 Wild Rider

  1. Reconnect with family and friends

Boating is a beautiful occasion to leave your worries on land and spend quality time with family and friends. Enjoy each other’s company as you cruise together, picnic together, swim or fish together. Boating will help you find your balance between work and fun.


  1. Decompress and revive

Boating allows you to unwind from a busy week very quickly. Enjoy, laugh, exercise and watch your stress leave your body. A weekend boating will revive you for the week ahead.


  1. Fun and adventure

It is simply fun, and you are bound to discover something new every time you head out on the water. Whether it’s finding a new secluded spot, trying a new activity, or honing your boating skills, the variety of experiences one can live while on a boat makes every outing an adventure.


  1. New hobbies

Boating is never just about boating. It will open you up to a plethora of new hobbies and activities. Swimming, snorkelling, fishing, diving or tubing are all part of the boating lifestyle. For those looking to enjoy at a slower pace, it might be the perfect opportunity to grab that dusty book off the shelf you’ve always meant to start reading.


  1. Every weekend is a holiday

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if every weekend gave you that holiday feeling?! Boating makes sure that you make the most of every second of your weekend.


  1. Learn new skills

There are so many new things to learn when starting your boating life. From terminology to reading the water and weather, it will always present you with a new challenge and skill to master. From anchoring, tying knots, learning safety rules, navigating challenging conditions, the learning process is never-ending.


  1. A new way to discover a city

It can also be an excellent way to discover a new city while on holidays. Whether it’s by the sea-side, a river or a lake, hiring a boat can be the perfect way to discover a new city.

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  1. Discover hidden gems

On the Australian coastline, some hidden gems are only accessible by water. A boat allows you to discover places not accessible to everyone. Enjoy the ultimate escape and respite as you anchor up in a pristine cove, listening only to the water lapping against your boat and the sounds of birds singing from the trees.

Boating Rottnest

  1. Pure enjoyment and l’art de vivre

Boating allows you to understand the notion of the art of living. Pure enjoyment, in touch with nature, surrounded by the people you love. What could be better!?

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