by Dom Wiseman

If you like your boats fun, fast, fancy and functional, then we may have just stumbled on the boat for you. Aimed at active watersport fanatics, the Supra range of boats is designed and built in the U.S and aimed squarely at keen wakeboarders, skiers and wake surfers. They have an unbelievable amount of fancy electronics on board and cater to the high end of the market. If you’re looking for a production boat, then this isn’t it. It’s a connoisseur’s boat, nothing less and it looks every bit the part.
The only catch is that these boats are on the higher side of expensive although when you take into consideration the amount of technical advancement that comes standard it is easier to justify the cost.

The SC we tested certainly stands out from the crowd with its black and white graphics, understated compared to some of the colour schemes you can get on boats like these, but certainly noticeable. It’s the smallest of the four models Supra build coming in at 21’8 inches or 6.6m and while it’s a classic bowrider design, as most wakeboarding boats are, it’s designed to carry a small army on board. In this case a legal limit of 14. With that many on board it certainly spreads the pain of filling the 185-litre fuel tank, which will ensure you can wakeboard or surf all day long.

The design is undoubtedly sporty but it has a tough purposeful muscle car appearance that gives it presence on the water, or trailer for that matter. This boat, like the Supra SE we tested in November, sits high on the water and offers lots of freeboard, making it ideal for Australian conditions where we often encounter chop and rough conditions.
The first thing you notice when you step aboard is the tower that stands above the lounge area. Equipped with four speakers, eight board racks, a removable bimini and finished in matching white, it’ll keep the boat tidy, the sun off your head and more importantly combined with the additional speakers, two in the bow, two in the cockpit, plus a sub woofer at the feet of the driver, provides a great soundtrack to your day on the water.
The cockpit seating arrangement offers extreme comfort in the U-shaped lounge that has a couple of nifty adjustments to make it even more functional. On the port side the lounge immediately behind the observer seat has a flip up backrest that enables you to stretch out on those occasions the boat is not full of passengers. On the starboard side there a solid backrest that creates a divide between the driver and those sitting on the lounge. It means the driver is fully ensconced in a cockpit that is comfortable and provides the driver with a clear vision all around the boat.
Supra SC 3

Supra SC 4The rear of the boat features a sun lounge that incorporates padded engine hatches that are comfortable to lie on if a little relaxing is on the cards. Underneath sits the engine and some additional storage for wet items meaning they don’t have to come into the boat. There also is a pop up ski pole that will keep the odd skier happy and it doesn’t protrude when stowed so as to make the lounge uncomfortable.
There is more seating in the bow and an infill can also be added here to create yet another chill-out area. This area is separated from the cockpit by a slide in/out divider and opening windscreen walk  through. The space is ample to stretch out for an average person and is padded so that you can lean against the bow and face back towards the action should you wish. There are also cup holders and stainless grab rails for added comfort.
All across the boat you can see the attention to detail with no unfinished edges, double and triple stitched seams and a hand-stitched dash that houses the Supra Vision Touch computer that is directly in front of the fully adjustable helm seat which also features a bolster. The computer gives you a read out of fuel, speed and your location (via GPS) as well as enabling you to control the ballast settings, audio and the aforementioned seat height and climate control. Yes, you can have a heater turn on as soon as you sit down and plug your name into the computer, an action that will also automatically adjust your seat to a predetermined setting. Riders are also catered for with settings that enable you to create the perfect wake for each individual. The analogue Quick bump stick sits alongside the wheel and adjusts the speed up or down one tenth of a mile at a time. All this electronic bling is aided by a back-up system of analogue dials and gauges that give you an instant update of the performance of the boat.
Supra SC 10
In the few short weeks since we tested the SC the standard 350hp power plant that was fitted in the test boat has been superseded by a more powerful 400hp Supercharged Ford Raptor Indmar with shaft drive. The engine is also available in a 440hp and 575hp, which is the engine we tested in the SE review mentioned earlier, configuration. The performance of these engines is tailored to watersports, providing low torque and therefore a quicker lift or planning time resulting is less fatigue on the rider. They sound impressive when you’re hunting down the river and are the same power plants used in the F150 SVT Raptor and F Series Super Duty Trucks in the US.
The design elements include an optimized oil pan that alleviates oil starvation regardless of the angle of the boat. Standard closed cooling is used on all models reducing corrosion, important in a saltwater marine environment as we have here, as well as built-in controls that protect the engine in the event of a cooling issue. Twin plugs have also been fitted to improve the fuel burn along with oxygen sensors to control and optimize fuel delivery across the rev range. The engine is backed by a 5 year warranty.

The performance of this boat, it is both extremely maneuverable and responsive, is impressive and it needs to be given its intended purpose. The helm position is comfortable and provides easy reach to all the controls. The bolster also makes docking a breeze and may help first time owners when they have boarders in the water with a clearer view over the top of the windscreen. Despite being heavy, it weighs nearly two-tonne, acceleration is impressive and when you have reached the right speed it holds it easily.
Supra SC 11
Supra SC 7You can really throw these boats around and while the general driver won’t push them as hard as we did, they hold on tight in hard corners and power away from the turn once completed. The hull set up features large brass twin fins around midship, which help provide responsive steering as well as helping the hull on in corners. The Boat also jumps onto the plane quickly, on the test day we had seven people on board and power delivery was more than ample. Sitting in the low-slung drivers’ seat the feel is similar to sitting behind the wheel of a sports car.
Performance for tow sports is also exceptional with an additional standard ballast offering of 408kgs or an optional 998kgs. The wake is adjustable so if you like it steep and sharp, you can dial it in via feedback with the driver until you’re happy and he can then store your settings. Conversely you can also have a smooth ramp style wake. Whatever you choose, you’ll find a setting that is to your liking. The surfing wake is also impressive and provides a nice steep wave on which to perform tricks and turns. Being a mad keen surfer, this was the highlight for me as it offers a realistic feel on a wave that never runs out, almost.

The Supra boats come on a BoatMate tandem axle trailer (ADR compliant and under 2.5m wide) with Brakerite electric hydraulic four wheel disc brakes and independent suspension. They also feature a trailer tongue and jockey wheel with a Fulton winch and guide poles and a stack of options to go along with it.
At 2.59m wide the Supra SC is over width and you will need to apply for permits, which come with a variety of requirements and restrictions . The guidelines differ from State to State so you will need to check with your local authority to ensure you meet all the requirements for our region. You’ll also need a decent two vehicle, a large 4WD, to two the boat, which weighs 2540kg on trailer.Supra SC 8

The SC is the baby of the Supra range, but there’s nothing baby about its performance or standard inclusions. It’s perfect for a family looking for a little refinement in an otherwise eminently usable platform. Ski, wakeboard or surf, the options are endless and you can take along a stack of mates for the ride.

Onboard tech


Price: (from) $157,616
Construction: Fibreglass
Length Overall: 6.6m
Beam: 2.59m
Passengers: 14 people
Weight on trailer: 2540kg
Engines: Standard 400hp 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar
Optional 440hp 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar
Optional 575hp 6.2L Ford Raptor Supercharged Engine by Indmar
Fuel Capacity: 3185 litres
Ballast: Standard 408kg Optional 998kg
Options: Surf System Supra Swell creating skim and barrel style waves on both sides