by Dom Wiseman

Raymarine has updated their LightHouse operating system to the new 3.9 version, crowning it ‘Annapolis’, named after the boating famed coastal town of the US.

Marine electronics brand Raymarine has announced the decision to name future updates of its LightHouse operating system after the great boating destinations of the world. Updates will be named running through alphabet, paying homage to beautiful boating locations across the globe.

There are a number of new features with the 3.9 update for the Raymarine multi-function displays and best of all, it’s free to download.

The live layline display allows the view of dynamic laylines on the navigation chart. The layline display makes sailing as efficient as possible, as you sail along the lines, maximising your boat’s Velocity Made Good (VMG) to windward. Laylines can be configured to display from a performance profile using fixed angles or from polar performance data.

The dashboard app and sailing dials have been upgraded with new sailing-specific items that work alongside the laylines on the chartplotter. New data items and dial indicators display the direction to steer to maximise the VMG to windward.

ClearCruise AR is now supported on FLIR M132 and M232 thermal camera systems. The display now provides vital identification data for navigation aids, AIS contacts and waypoints. Only available on Axiom MFDs, ClearCruise AR works with the pan and digital zoom capabilities of the M232 for clear 360° viewing.

Sonar pinch and range shift controls provide an easy to use pinch-to-zoom touchscreen control as well as touch-and-drag range shift. The zoom definition is adjustable to a magnification of 8X.

Yamaha Command Link Plus integration monitors up to four engines plus tanks and batteries on the MFD.

The latest 3.9 version update allows users to build detailed bathymetric charts in real-time using data from the MFD’s GPS and connected sonar or fishfinder. RealBathy contour mapping is as easy as inserting a memory card and putting your boat on the water. No subscription required, RealBathy will instantly start creating maps. Only available on Axiom MFDs.