by Dom Wiseman

Digital switching is more than an electronic way of turning crucial onboard systems on or off. It’s also a systems and vessel monitoring tool that can make life easier for the owner of any sized boat. Raymarine’s Digital Switching provides a full networkable solution to vessels and adds the convenience of automation to any onboard systems. It can be accessed from anywhere onboard meaning owners can keep on top of their vessels systems at the touch of a button. It also allows access remotely sending signals to your phone when or if there is a problem.

In this video, Mark Coates from Barrenjoey Marine Electrics takes us through some real world applications on a variety of boats from 95 feet down to 20 feet.

Barrenjoey Marine Electrics have installed Raymarine’s Digital Switching solution on a range of boats from large Superyachts like the Princess, all the way down to trailerable craft making them easier to operate. The unit itself is small making it easily mountable in tight locations behind bulkheads or under dashboards. Owners can also mount multiple units to control a variety of circuits.

Raymarine Digital Switching 4Digital switching can assist owners is by simplifying busy switch panels which can be very confusing resulting in crucial systems being forgotten. The system breaks down the panel into an easy to read and understand display on a multi function unit. Owners can also break down circuits into separate displays allowing systems such as engine monitoring to be displayed on one unit with lights and other functions on another.  Each multi function display can also run a number of pages separating lights, navigation and bilge pumps for instance making control of all separate boat functions simple and efficient.

The automation the system is capable of is excellent allowing users to combine multiple circuits into a single button control. With Cruising, Dock and Vessel Unattended modes on the Princess 95 we looked at, the owner can simply jump aboard, press one button and everything that is required to be on to power and drive the vessel will turn on simultaneously. Similarly when he returns to the dock he need only press Dock Mode on the touchscreen and he knows everything is turned off that needs to be and he can leave the boat.

Rayarine Digital Switching 3


On smaller boats with less functions or circuits, the digital switching unit combined with a multi function display can replace the need for a separate switch panel which can corrode and be susceptible to water damage. By mounting the digital switching unit inside the cabin and controlling switches from the multi function display, your system can be completely waterproof. The monitoring function of the system can also provide warning if you leave systems on such as bilge pumps.

This highly intelligent system can even be retrofitted to older boats making them better and more efficient.