by Dom Wiseman

The awaited release of the latest in the award-winning Fusion Apollo Series, the Apollo RA670, has arrived.

World leaders in the marine audio entertainment industry, Fusion deliver their latest stereo model in an all new compact form factor. Matching the superior technology of all previous models in the Apollo Series, the Fusion RA670 sets itself apart with the new compact design.

Features include the optically bonded, full-colour LCD display, Fusion’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, Fusion-Link integration and control, multi-zone control in up to three audio zones and PartyBus capabilities when connected to a Wi-Fi or Apollo network.

Tapping into the power of Fusion’s DSP technology, the Fusion RA670 is supported by premium audio delivery, especially in tough marine conditions. The stereo has been designed by engineers to be technologically superior but at the same time, easy to use. DSP profile setup is simple, using the free Fusion-Link app. Literally a few clicks will have your preconfigured DSP profile setup and sending high-quality audio to your ears.

The PartyBus network takes your auditory experience to the next level. Fusion’s audio distribution network has been designed by engineers to give music loving boaters flexibility and freedom across the vessel. Have your music playing across the entire vessel or keep it to the cosy corner you’re occupying. The PartyBus network gets really interesting when another user adds another PartyBus enabled stereo to the mix. Each enabled stereo can either join the ‘party’, using the Party Mode or have their own using the Personal Mode. The Fusion RA670 needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi or the Apollo network via an Ethernet cable to connect into the PartyBus network.  Fusion’s Apollo RA670 has multiple source options via Bluetooth, Optical Audio (TV), SiriusXM features (USA only), DAB+ ready (available in Europe and Australia only), AM/FM radio, AUX and USB.

When connected to a Wi-Fi or the Apollo network, streaming from a mobile device via Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is possible, providing the highest quality audio streaming available.  Fusion, a Garmin brand, guarantees both the best and most advanced technology available but also a superior standard of quality, with Garmin constantly striving to exceed regulatory standards.