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  • Image of Raymarine Clear Cruise AR camera

    Raymarine’s Clear Cruise AR

    Dom Wiseman 9th/Apr 2019 no responses
    When you’re on the water, working out what exactly you are looking at is a difficult task. Using a radar screen can help identify objects nearby, but in reality looking at a radar or chart offer ..... Read more
  • Raymarine Digital Switching 2

    Raymarine’s Digital Switching

    Dom Wiseman 10th/Nov 2017 no responses
    Digital switching is more than an electronic way of turning crucial onboard systems on or off. It's also a systems and vessel monitoring tool that can make life easier for the owner of any sized boat. ..... Read more
  • RaymarineAxiomFLIR_ThumbNL-1BA

    Raymarine FLIR Thermal Camera Review

    Dom Wiseman 25th/May 2017 no responses
    Thermal cameras have traditionally have come at too high a cost and too large a size to be genuinely considered suitable for small to medium trailerboats. As a result no one has really considered such ..... Read more
  • Raymarine Axiom Multifunction Display Unit

    Raymarine Axiom Multifunction Display Unit

    Dom Wiseman 15th/Mar 2017 no responses
    Modern boat electronics have come a long way and now have become an integral part of the fishing and boating landscape. There would not be any serious angler who hasn't at  least glanced at a screen ..... Read more
  • VHF marine radio 2

    New Garmin VHF Marine Radio Models

    Steve Lague 8th/Mar 2017 no responses
    Garmin has released a range of new VHF marine radios that can be fitted as an aftermarket package or as part of the original fit out when you buy a new boat. There are two VHF marine radio models a ..... Read more
  • GMR Fantom

    Garmin Releases GMR Fantom Dome Radar

    Steve Lague 6th/Mar 2017 no responses
    Garmin has released its new GMR Fantom 18 and 24 solid-state pulse compression radomes that offer MotionScope Doppler technology and 40W of power – the highest in the industry for its kind. The 1 ..... Read more