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  • 20150719_session-observation-baleines-prony-4

    New Caledonia, A Cruising Paradise

    Elissa Connely 30th/May 2019 no responses
    When holiday dreamers stare into the void from their office chairs, the images that flick through their minds are fantasies of white sand beaches, surrounded by water so sparkling blue, that their Ins ..... Read more
  • Galeon MD

    Galeon MD sits down to discuss Australia

    Dom Wiseman 1st/May 2019 no responses
    After just three years in the US, Galeon is ranked number one in imported vessels in the highly competitive 40 to 70ft segment. Now poised to enter the Australian/NZ market, Galeon is hopeful its awar ..... Read more
  • Hawkesbury River runs past the iconic Patonga Hotel

    Hawkesbury River Guide

    Dom Wiseman 19th/Feb 2019 no responses
    Hawkesbury River More stunning than Sydney Harbour and definitely less busy, the Hawkesbury River offers a little bit of everything if you’re prepared to travel. Whether it’ ..... Read more
  • Boat trailer storage

    Sizing Up The Storage Solution

    Dom Wiseman 4th/Feb 2019 no responses
    Boat storage options are inextricably linked to the size of the boat you are looking at buying. If you're looking at 24-25 feet, for example, your option is often limited to mooring only, or, in some ..... Read more
  • Boating preparation pays

    Boating Preparation Pays

    Dom Wiseman 12th/Dec 2018 no responses
    There is an old  saying that goes something like this, ‘prior planning prevents poor performance’ and it applies to almost everything, although in the case of boating this prior planning can actu ..... Read more
  • Boating floods cause a lot of debris, so be on the lookout

    Boating, Always Be On the Lookout

    Dom Wiseman 3rd/Dec 2018 no responses
    It feels like we have had a lot of rain here in New South Wales recently and it got me thinking about boating in times of flood waters, and what happens when those flood waters move to the coast. Asid ..... Read more
  • Tubing in a great way to enjoy boating

    Summer Tubing

    Elissa Connely 27th/Nov 2018 no responses
    The boating family fun season has arrived. Tubing is simply a blast and a towable inflatable could be just the addition your boating days are squealing for. To give you a hand, we have compiled a list ..... Read more