by Dom Wiseman

Thankfully grabbing the safety gear in the case of a marine emergency is a relatively uncommon event. However, doing so quickly can often save lives so it’s surprising how frequently safety items are stored in separate areas and often in locations that none of the other parties on board the boat are privy to. That can now be a thing of the past.
Life Cell is a container designed to keep all of your safety gear safe and in the one place. It is endorsed by the Westpac Rescue helicopter and after seeing this seemingly simple product I believe it is one that should be mandated on every boat. The concept is simple. It is a floating orange, it also is available in white, storage unit designed to carry all of your safety gear including the EPIRB, air horn, torch, flares, V-Sheet, whistle and even a hand held radio. The only thing it is not designed to carry is the life jackets.
The Life Cell comes mounted on its own bracket and will float free if the boat sinks. It came about after the inventor had a serious accident and the only things he could grab were an esky and EPIRB. With those two items, he saved the lives of three others.

With a hard UV, impact fuel resistant outer case and filled with closed cell polyurethane foam the Life Cell can be used as an additional flotation device and in the larger sizes can be used in place of a life ring. It is highly visible in the orange colour and enables you to keep all your safety gear together in plain sight and even those new to a particular boat can tell what it is, which can save precious time in an emergency.
It is available in four sizes — Trailerboat, suitable for 2-4 people, Yachtsman for four people, Trawlerman for six and the Crewman for eight. You can even fit your wallets and phones in the device and it comes with straps to ensure everyone stays together in rough seas or in case of fatigue.
In an age where we are venturing further and further offshore, it is sure to become a must have item for boat owners worldwide. Some manufacturers such as Leisure Cat and Riviera are already offering the device and it also is available from leading marine stores and online.
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