by Dom Wiseman

The world’s first GPS antenna using internationally accepted ZigBee technology has hit the market from Glomex Marine Antennas.

The Glomex GPS antenna with ZigBee technology offers a 100% wireless remote monitoring & interactive system for your boat. It promises high-level wireless communication technology with low power consumption.

The wireless ZB211 GPS/Tracking antenna connects wirelessly to the ZigBoat system and tracks both your boat’s location and movement. Receiving push notifications when your vessel exits the geofence area, the ZB211 GPS/Tracking antenna also sends notifications on fleet tracking, weather forecasts, bilge floods, battery voltage, anchor watch and much more.

Tracking your vessel in real-time, the ZigBee technology offers a one-to-one encrypted connection which ensures 100% privacy and safety. Receiving any important notifications via text to your phone, the ZigBoat system means that important information is shared instantly and easily. Important notifications such as your vessel straying from your defined geo-fence area or if your anchor starts to drag, you will be notified with an immediate ‘beep’ to your phone.

The ZigBoat system technology is also recording your route and speed history for fleet management purposes and can provide weather forecasts through the ZigBoat mobile app for Android and iOS.

The Gomex wireless ZB211 GPS/Tracking antenna is big on impact but not on size. At 10cm wide x 13cm high and weighing 180 grams, supply mount included, your installation location options are many. The ZigBoat system runs on 12/24V DC with an average draw of 0.2W.

The system has up to 20 dBm of output power and 3 GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or BeiDou systems), with an accuracy of less than 10m with a clear sky view. The wireless ZB211 GPS/Tracking antenna has been built tough for marine conditions and functions from between -25° to 55° C.

The Glomex wireless ZB211 GPS/Tracking antenna has no fees, cloud service subscriptions, registrations or privacy policy agreements.