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  • Northbank 750 HT Supplied by GRE Marine

    Northbank 750HT Review

    Dom Wiseman 28th/Mar 2018 no responses
    You may not yet have heard of Australian manufacturer, Northbank. The brand has thus far, yet to be discovered on the East Coast. Luckily though, this is expected to change, as Northbank establish some quality dealers and a larger distribution. Back home in South Australia, it’ ..... Read more
  • Stabicraft_Raymarine-1

    Stabicraft 2050 Frontier Review

    Dom Wiseman 15th/Dec 2017 no responses
    Stabicraft 2050 Frontier What boat do you choose if you are a tackle manufacturer with a lodge in Northern Queensland? Well, if you're the owner of Zeikel Lodge you choose a Stabicraft. But not just any Stabicraft, you'd go for something that allows excellent ..... Read more
  • 2018_Arvor_555_Sportfish-48

    Arvor 555 Sportsfish Review

    Dom Wiseman 30th/Nov 2017 no responses
    Everyone has to have noticed an Arvor boat floating on their local waterway. The look is that iconic. They're the ones that look a little like a cartoon tug boat and we've tested plenty of them. Both the Sportsfish and Weekender range have impressed, but for me, a keen angler, t ..... Read more
  • oe10

    Quintrex F350 Outback Explorer Review

    Dom Wiseman 30th/Oct 2017 no responses
    In the battle for the entry level boater, Aussie tinnies reign supreme. They're tough, affordable and versatile. And when it comes to style, there seems to be no limits with car toppers, v nosed punts and standard layouts all available in various sizes. None are as well know as t ..... Read more
  • Pic of Ross Cannixaro in his BassCat Sabre FTD

    BassCat Sabre FTD Review

    Dom Wiseman 20th/Oct 2017 no responses
    What do you buy if you are a serious tournament angler and have a seemingly endless choice of both large and small boats to choose from? In the case of Ross Cannizaro, you choose a BassCat. He's tried all manner of craft from a Skeeter to an Edgewater and recently he has settled ..... Read more
  • Jeanneau_CapCammarat_10_5_WA-13

    Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.5WA Review

    Dom Wiseman 16th/Aug 2017 no responses
    Open boats like the Jeanneau Cap Camarat range are uniquely suited to our exquisite weather in Australia. They offer plenty of open space that appeals to our out and about nature and they are fantastic lounging, cruising and fishing platform. In fact they are the SUV of the water ..... Read more
  • azimut50flymoored

    Azimut 50 Flybridge Review

    Dom Wiseman 21st/Jul 2017 one response
    Azimut Yachts began in 1969 when a young university student founded Azimut Srl and began chartering sailing boats. That young student, Paolo Vitelli was then appointed in 1970 to distribute boats in Italy and Azimut quickly expanded their operations. Soon enough they began to des ..... Read more
  • Arvor 905 Sportfish-12

    Arvor 905 Sportsfish Review

    Dom Wiseman 4th/May 2017 no responses
    If you're looking for a boat that you can keep on the water, but isn't as large or as much hassle as a game boat yet can do just as much? The Arvor 905 Sportsfish could be the boat for you. We've tested the 675 Sportsfish previously and the 905 features the same design element ..... Read more
  • IMG_9671

    Quintrex 630 Freestyler Review

    Dom Wiseman 13th/Apr 2017 no responses
    Innovation in aluminium boat building is hardly new. In fact there are multiple companies using proprietary manufacturing processes to build aluminium craft that ride remarkably like fibreglass boats. It has traditionally been a difficult thing to do, but advances in technology h ..... Read more
  • GEN 2 5

    Evinrude Gen 2 E-Tec 150-200hp Review

    Steve Lague 14th/Mar 2017 no responses
    Just months after the Federal Government revealed details of its new, stricter, emission standards for marine engines, Evinrude held its Australian launch of its mid-powered outboard range. It also declared its 150-200hp range of Gen 2 motors not only met the new standards but ..... Read more