by Dom Wiseman

Australian-built Sailfish aluminium catamarans have carved a niche in the market under the guidance of Webbe Marine in southern Sydney. They cater to buyers who appreciate the lighter trailerable nature of the brand without scrimping on the innovation and finishes you’d expect in a glass boat. As such they are an ideal offshore fishing platform with the refinement for overnight stays when needed.
Sailfish 2800 Platinum 2016 model also offers more space in the cockpit, which is crucial for serious anglers, than the previous model. The floor on the display boat at the show had been covered in a chipped paint finish which is not only striking, but appears comfortable and easy to clean while providing good grip. They’ve also carried that flooring through into the cabin.
In the cockpit, Sailfish have come up with some clever ideas that enable features we would deem as necessities to be hidden away when they’re not being used. On the starboard side a stainless marine barbeque is hidden behind a hatch. It can be pulled out on a slide when needed with the sturdy assembly creating the perfect cooking space. On the port side, an esky also on its own slide out drawer is easily accessible. Both ideas show the attention to detail of this manufacturer and a willingness to go that extra mile in design.

The cabin of the Sailfish 2800 Platinum has been pushed to one side, much like a few of the European-built mono hulls we’ve tested recently. This design enables a single walkway to the bow to be created on the starboard side. It also generates almost 150mm of additional useable space in the cabin. In this instance the space created has been used to add a very comfortable passenger seat (alongside the helm seat) with inbuilt suspension. The dash is expansive and has plenty of room for any electronics you may wish to add.
Down below, a redesign of the space, and the addition of a two-way door, has resulted in a separate toilet and cabin. In the previous model you stepped down to the cabin via the toilet. The cabin in the latest model is quite big and could easily accommodate two people on an overnighter.
Twin Honda outboards power the 8.8m Sailfish 2800 Platinum, which can sit on a tri-axle aluminium drive on/off trailer. It’s a pretty serious fishing boat with a level of refinement that will appeal to those looking for something a little more comfortable.
You can expect to part with approximately $250,000 for the Sailfish 2800 Platinum.