by Steve Lague

Baysport has made the biggest boat in its range, the 640 Sport, available in two different models – weekender and fisher.

Both models sit on the same hull but are for quite different uses, making what is already a proven blue water hull even more versatile.

As the models names suggest the weekender is aimed at buyers who intend to use their boat for weekend getaways or entertaining while the latter is a dedicated fishing boat.

The Weekender

The weekender has additional features like an infill for the v-berth bunks turning them into a good-sized, and comfortable, double bed. It also gains a table, freshwater shower with 35-litre tank and a passenger seat configuration that includes an esky and small sink.

baysport 4

baysport-14To make life easier when you get to your destination an electric anchor winch is also included as part of the standard equipment. This is a feature that I would insist on having on any boat I was going to buy.

The WA dealer for Baysport, AllBoats and Caravans in Kingsley, has also added other extras including full length covers with privacy curtains which fully enclose the cockpit. They have also added a privacy curtain across the front of the cabin. These two features not only ensure a lot more privacy for overnight stays but provide protection from the sun and wind for everyone on board.

AllBoats and Caravans have also added a chemical toilet that sits neatly between the v-berths in the cabin and changed the lounge seat configuration across the transom. They have replaced the standard fold-down lounge with one that sits on top of a large storage box. While this does rob you of a little space in the cockpit it provides a massive amount of dry storage that would come in very handy for weekends away. The whole configuration can also be removed and left at home for those occasions you want more space and don’t need the additional seating.baysport 10

baysport 12While the Weekender is set up for entertaining many of the additional features can be removed if you want to use the boat for fishing. It also comes with two rod holders in each gunwale as part of the standard package. The only thing missing is a bait board but again, this could be ordered as an option.

The only other issue in regards to using it as a fishing boat is that the cockpit floor is covered in a plush grey carpet. While this not only feels good under foot and gives the boat a more upmarket feel and look it is not ideal for fishing. You would need to have a canvas cover made to protect the carpet if fishing and weekends away were on the agenda.

The Fisher

This model, as you would expect, is set up for mostly day use and to suit the keen angler.

The first thing you will notice is the grey carpet has been replaced with a grey Sea-Deck rubber matting with Infiniti Vinyl down the middle of the cockpit. It is a combination that looks good, is hard wearing and can the washed with a quick squirt of the hose.baysport 15

baysport-7The Fisher also comes standard with a baitboard, with a drain and hose so it can be easily washed down, that sits in the middle of the transom. There is also a salt water deck wash so you can keep everything nice and clean.

The full-length canopy has been replaced by a more traditional Targa with six rod holders across the back.

The guys at AllBoats and Caravans have also put holders for game rods on either side for those who enjoy chasing game fish.

At the rear of the cockpit there is a fold-down lounge to make life a little more comfortable for passengers on the journey out to fishing grounds. The only issue here, is that you will need to remove the baitboard for the trip if people plan in using the lounge.

Talking about seating the skipper and passenger seats are also different on Fisher. The bolster seat that was fitted on the weekender was replaced by a standard bucket seat though I am not sure why as the bucket seat with bolster is more comfortable and makes life a lot more comfortable for those skippers who prefer to stand while driving. The skippers seat sits in a similar box with storage as found in the Weekender but it has two built-in tackle drawers in the back.


baysport-5Both models were fitted with a Suzuki 140hp EFI four-stroke outboard. We tested the 640 Sport, powered by the same engine, earlier this year and it pushed the 6.2m long hull to a top speed of just over 30 knots (55km/h).

The Baysport hull also has a unique tunnel down the middle of the hull. Working in tandem with the reverse chines this tunnel pushes the Baysport up onto the plane quicker than a more traditional design.

We also found that enabled the hull to track better, turn with confidence and provide a softer ride.

The standard Baysport 640 Sport has a starting price of $66,990 (with the Suzuki 140hp outboard fitted). The price of the Weekender model is $77,990 while the Fisher is $2000 more at $79,990.